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19 Inch Adjustable Velcro® Buckle Straps - TWO for Add-a-Handle

19 Inch Straps for Add-a-Handle

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These TWO 19” Custom Velcro Brand® Buckle Straps with Easy-Pull Tabs are perfect for adding versatility to your Add-a-Handle® so it can adapt to your ever-changing needs.

  • The 19” straps when attached to Add-a-Handle® fit as narrow a container as Pringles® (2.62" diameter) to a little wider than a half-gallon of milk (4.61” diameter).
  • The buckle feature on the straps allow them to interlock providing the exact length needed for larger circumferences.
  • Easy-Pull Tabs offer 3/4" of non-Velcro® so you can easily open and close straps. Ideal for those wearing gloves or whom have finger dexterity issues. 
  • The 4” Velcro® strip on the back of the Add-a-Handle® base allows for secure vertical positioning of an object at any given point for optimum balance.
  • Adjustable and removable straps are ideal for objects that are not uniform in shape, like a tumbler, interchange the straps as you need. The straps conform to the object being held, whether it is round or not!
  • Straps are proudly custom made and assembled in the USA!