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Instructions for Add-a-Handle

Follow Simple Steps to enjoy the endless uses of Add-a-Handle®!

You will need:
(1) Add-a-Handle® , (2) Custom Velcro Brand® Buckle Straps with Easy-Pull Tabs & your object

1. Lay (2) straps in front of you and locate WHITE rectangle on each strap, as shown.

2. With the plastic buckles on the same side, attach each white rectangle to the BLACK VELCRO® brand strip located on the back of the handle. Press firmly to fasten.

NOTE: Place straps a minimum of 1” apart to balance object.

3. Wrap strap around object by threading strap through buckle and pull back tightly, entire logo should be shown to ensure secure fastening. Repeat with other strap.

4. Re-tighten each strap to achieve tightest grip possible.

Object SHOULD NOT move at all in straps. Straps should be parallel to one another and flush with object all around, as shown. Injury could occur if not strapped correctly.