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Add-a-Handle carries, hooks, and holds items up to 30lbs. Great gift idea!

Add-a-Handle Single Pack

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The single pack contains ONE green Add-a-Handle® with a convenient attached Utility Magnet and a 4" Velcro® Strip on the base for optimum adjustability of the TWO 19" Custom Velcro Brand® Buckle Straps with Easy-Pull Tabs.  

  • Add-a-Handle® is designed for practicality and versatility allowing it to adapt to your ever-changing needs at home, work or play! Let Add-a-Handle® help you CARRY, HOOK OR HOLD items up to 30lbs! 
  • Easy-Pull Tabs on the straps are 3/4" of non-Velcro® to easily open and close straps. Ideal for those wearing gloves, whom have finger or hand dexterity issues, or simply, a low frustration tolerance!
  • We offer two different length straps, 19"(standard) and 11.5"(sold separately). The straps can be used together or interchanged with each other depending on object size.
  • The buckle feature on the straps interlock providing varying lengths needed for larger circumferences.
  • The 4” Velcro® strip on the back of the Add-a-Handle® base allows for secure positioning of the straps vertically, at any given point, for optimum object balance. Ideal for objects that taper, like a tumbler. Mix and match the straps as desired. The straps securely conform to your object, whether round or not!
  • Need a reusable, attachable, portable handle or hook? Add-a-Handle is for you! No tools needed and easy to use! Attach it to tumblers, water bottles, thermoses, paint cans, wine bottles, beverage containers, beach umbrellas, wheelchair, crutches, scaffolding, trees, Jeep® roll bars, aluminum ladders...the list goes on.
  • Proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA by Veterans and Moms!