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Add-a-Handle Two Pack is a Great Gift to Carry, Hook, and Hold items up to 30lbs

Add-a-Handle Two Pack

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Our Best Seller!! The TWO PACK includes TWO safety-green Add-a-Handles® each with a convenient Utility Magnet attached and a 4" Velcro® Strip on the base for optimum placement of the TWO 19" Custom Velcro Brand® Buckle Straps with Easy-Pull Tabs. For easy gifting to two people, both Add-a-Handles are shipped together and upon receipt can be wrapped separately. 

  • The ergonomic design offers two ways to hold Add-a-Handle®, placing your hand on the grip or placing your hand between the base and the grip with your palm facing toward the base. 
  • No tools needed, easy to CARRY, HOOK, and HOLD items up to 30 lbs!
  • Add-a-Handle® has been designed for practicality and versatility to adapt to ever-changing needs at work, home or play! 
  • Easy-Pull Tabs on straps are 3/4" of non-Velcro® so you can easily open and close straps. Ideal for those wearing gloves, whom have finger dexterity issues or low frustration tolerance!
  • Two different length straps offered,19" (standard) and 11.5" (sold separately). The straps can be used together or interlocked with each other, adjusting to object size.
  • The buckle feature on the straps allows interlocking them for the exact length needed for larger circumference items.
  • The 4” Velcro® strip on the back of the Add-a-Handle® base allows for  secure positioning of the straps vertically at any given point for optimum balance. Ideal for objects wider at one point and narrower at another, like a tumbler. Interchange the straps as needed. The straps securely conform to the object whether round or not!
  • Need a reusable, attachable, portable handle or hook? Add-a-Handle is for you! Attach a handle to paint cans, wine bottles, beverage containers. Create a carryall for beach umbrellas and chairs.  Attach it for a hook onto strollers, basketball poles, scaffolding, trees, Jeep® roll bars, ladders... the list of uses goes on and on.
  • Have difficulty holding awkwardly shaped or heavy items due to arthritis or Raynaud's? Add-a-Handle helps those with hand disabilities grip containers.  Great for those less ambulatory to strap Add-a-Handle onto crutches, walkers, and rollators for transporting objects hands-free.
  • Proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA by Veterans and Moms!