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What can I use it for?

Add-a-Handle® was originally designed to ease the problem of hand cramping while holding the quart-size paint can. That quart can may be small but does get awkward and heavy when held for a long time. Sound like a problem you have had before?

Add-a-Handle® is one of those break-through products born of a true “Ah-ha” moment. It is a simple, logical solution to any number of problems.

No batteries, no chords. Just easy to use with countless applications. How you ask?
While Add-a-Handle® may just look like a handle at first, it can easily be rotated to suit different needs. Be it, a handle to hold or carry an object or even a hook to hang something. Now you can easily handle that six foot folding ladder, pour that bottle of wine or even get your items around on crutches a lot easier.
Add-a-Handle® can be successfully used in many professions as a tool as well as in your home for everyday use. It is also the perfect ADD-ition to give as a gift to any do-it-yourself-er or to an elderly family member who needs a helping hand.

Where can I purchase one?

Add-a-Handle® is currently available for purchase here on our website. Click here to start shopping.

Can I get different size and/or additional straps?

Yes, Currently we offer 11.5″(used on basketball poll image), 19″(used on quart size paint can image). The straps are designed so that they can be interlocked at the buckle for longer lengths if needed. Custom size straps are available upon request. We work directly with a Velcro® distributor who is located in the USA for the highest quality available.

How do I care and store Add-a-Handle®?

Not intended to be attached to items or exposed to UV rays for long term periods. Add-a-Handle should be stored at temperatures between 40°F-80°F.  We recommend after each use wiping down using a wet cloth with water or a cleaning agent. Add-a-Handle is chemical resistant but we do not recommend long expose to them, i.e soaking. Both the handle and straps are not dishwasher safe. Velcro® Brand straps need to be kept clean in order to work properly.  If they get dirty replacement straps are available on our website.

Can I use Add-a-Handle® under water?

It is not intended to be submerged in water for long periods of time. It has not been tested for this use and we do not recommend it.

What are the dimensions and weight?

5 .875″ H x 2.25″ W x 4″D If these measurements do not mean much to you, as a reference the base is about the same height as an average cordless house phone. The weight of Add-a-Handle® with the magnet and 2 straps is 4.3oz. As a reference that’s around the same weight as a hard stick of butter.

How much weight can Add-a-Handle® handle?

We have tested it in-house to handle a static weight of 30 lbs.  If you find a use for the handle to hold a larger load please contact us!

Does Add-a-Handle® come in different colors?

As of today it only comes in bright green with black inserts. Stay tuned and see what is to come! Suggestions are always welcomed. If you are interested in different color combinations for an event or licensing please contact us.

Are the straps real VELCRO® brand?

Absolutely 100% and they are made in the USA!

I have a great use for it and want to share it with you, how can I?

We are always looking for new uses to show and explore. We love helping others and seeing what our Handlers have come up with. On the contact page you can send us info or like us on Facebook and send us your info there!




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